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Graphical data input, remarkably clear overviews, readily accepted by both your staff and customers.

Time Tracking and Project Management
Time Tracking Evaluation
Time Tracking Laptop
Mobile Time Tracking
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For all industries

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From 1 - 5000 Users

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Grafical data input

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In real time and worldwide available

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Legally complient (GDPR)

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Server in Germany

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No risk - cancel at any time

No risk

We are convinced that you will benefit from our product. This is why we don't tie you to long-term contracts and offer short-term contracts with a cancellation period of one month.

No hidden costs

FrogTime does not require complicated individualisation and long-term training. Admins will be trained online by us for free and are able to transfer knowledge to their colleagues. Thanks to its clear overview, users quickly adopt the FrogTime software and feel familiar with it.



every Day

More than 5000 Users rely on FrogTime every day and every month more users step in.

9 Years



We have been shaping digital change together with our customers for 9 years - since 2014.


Grafical data input
"Time Bar Drawing"

This unique technology provides perfect overviews, is extremly simple and the result very precise. Users love the charismatic look-and-feel.


Time Tracking Diagram

Time Tracking
for Individuals

Bar charts with colours for different activities provide perfect overview.

Target/actual comparision of work packages

Project Management

Based solely on existing time data, FrogTime provides meaningful diagrams and reports for reviewing your projects.

3 Steps to Your Time Tracking
3 Steps to Your Time Tracking


Get your Test Login

As soon as you receive a Test Login you can create a test project and record time data for existing users with the Time-Bar-Drawing. Reports for customers, your HR department and project management are available immediately. You will get a good idea of the look-and-feel of the software. Support is free of charge.


Data import

If you decide you want to find out more, we will offer you a free-of-charge import of individual personnel data. Once imported, you can use FrogTime with your colleagues in your company in real-time For example, you can enter a real project and work with a real team and real data. Any support, including the initial implementation of a payroll system is free.


How to order

If you decide to order, the Test Login is converted to a real Login. All data created in the test phase remains available. Your logo is implemented free-of-charge into FrogTime and your administrators are trained for free. After being trained, you will be able to train your colleagues. Support via email, phone and video conference is available at no cost.

Product Overview

How does FrogTime work?

Create a project, add your team and activities and track your operations in real-time, worldwide. Use the resulting database with the included features for your payroll, checking of subcontractors invoices, project monitoring, health and safety tasks, analyses and improvements.



We pay strict attention to the protection of personal data. FrogTime is GDPR compliant.

Server in


We host FrogTime on German servers. The server and data storage are therefore subject to German law.

FrogTime for your organization
For service companies

FrogTime was developed for all types of service companies. This includes e.g. services companies for the installation, operation and maintenance of plants, construction business, building services trades (electricians, painters, gas and water installations) and any kind of consulting or office service.

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