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Business Intelligence

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Business intelligence

To measure and, if necessary, improve, performance, FrogTime supplies a number of KPIs related to the working hours and projects. Some key indicators can be pre-defined and automatically displayed, e.g. the company's capacity (relation between productive and non-productive hours (holidays, sick leave, training, standby)). KPIs can be displayed by company, business unit or project. You can also define your own, new key indicators from the existing data at any point in time.

Business intelligence and interfaces


KPIs and other relevant information can be displayed on your home screen and shown every time you start FrogTime. The Cockpit can be adjusted to individual roles and logins. This way, relevant information (e.g. productivity or performance) is automatically brought to the attention of the responsible person, with regard to the entire company, a department or an ongoing project.


An interface to MS Navision is prepared. Interfaces to other systems are possible at any time. Data exchange can be organised in two directions:

  1. Projects created in MS Navision are automatically available in FrogTime,

  2. Time data created in FrogTime are automatically and regularly (adjustable) transferred to MS Navision and integrated in financial reports.

As a result, the real-time status of projects is available in MS Navision every day.


It is your intention to generate EBIT. We all work alongside competitors who aim for higher efficiency. We all feel the pressure to increase our efficiency in our processes. FrogTime supports you in remaining a step ahead!

EBIT and customers


Your customers are your main concern. Therefore, it is also in our interest to increase customer satisfaction with our tools.

Organised procedures, quick access to detailed work flows, rapid response times in case of deviations and traceability of the processes using our tools will convince your customers. Our optional access to FrogTime for your customers (e.g. only to one project, with restricted information) additionally promotes closeness to the customer. Your customers feel even more part of your project.

Your basis for communication

FrogTime allows you to track work flows with your teams, to communicate about these and to find cooperative solutions for the future processing of orders. Together, you are able to develop KPIs and targets from the existing data and increase your efficiency.

You also have the option to promote communication with your customers by setting up a FrogTime Customer Login and allow a limited overview of the information (e.g. project status in case of large projects).

More information and pictures coming soon!

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