Who we are

Our Story

In 2014, we started looking for a professional time recording solution to get rid of Excel worksheets and scanned time sheets on traditional file servers. When we couldn't find a suitable solution for us on the market, the decision to develop our own solution was quickly reached. With our high level of expertise and plenty of passion, FrogTime was built in an iterative process and in close cooperation with our colleagues and departments. Within three years FrogTime became a well known, reliable and indispensable tool for 500 users in 6 companies European-wide. Since 2020, we have been sharing our accomplishments through our spin-off company FrogTime GmbH on all relevant markets.

Our Vision

There was a time when time sheets were entered in long rows of numbers in Excel...


It is our vision to enthuse users with graphical data input. We believe that happy users enter data more accurately and carefully than others. As a result, the subsequent use of the data, e.g. for data claims, project analyses, payrolls, etc. is of significantly higher quality compared to conventional solutions.

We aim to be your go-to solution for time entry and all related functions. Either as an addition to your superordinate ERP system or as a stand-alone solution.

Our Technology

A picture paints a 1000 words!


Visualisation is the most efficient way to extract reliable information from numerical data. This is why we created various interactive graphical solutions for data input and data output.

The charismatic look-and-feel of FrogTime is the powerful result of our efforts. Within the ERP landscape, users are thrilled about FrogTime's unique functionalities and the simplicity of its use.


For mobile applications we use PWA technology (Progressive Web App) as the most innovative and promising solution for mobile app development in the future. Apps will no longer be loaded in the App Store, but downloaded directly on the internet.