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Web-based technology

Our web-based platform FrogTime is state-of-the-art technology and therefore highly efficient. All you need is internet connection, a web browser, user name and password. Maintenance costs are limited to a regular fee, short-term contracts ensure maximum independence. Because the product is so easy to use, IT support is reduced to a minimum.

Web-based, real-time, world-wide

Real-time data

Thanks to its web-based technology, FrogTime delivers real-time data. This is a very valuable feature. Data are available 24/7 and always up-to-date. This makes it possible to quickly detect deviations to agreed targets and to efficiently initiate counter measures.


In addition to our web-based technology, FrogTime is independent of legal regulations in different countries and can be used anywhere in the world. This applies to e.g. regulations about Bank Holidays in different cultures, salary rules, language and interfaces to other ERP systems.


FrogTime is designed for multilingual use. Currently, two languages are fully integrated: English and German Other languages can be introduced in a cooperative process between you and us, with limited effort.

Multilingual, Excel export, role centre

Excel export

The Excel export functions with all available table data is standard in FrogTime. This allows for the individual analysis of all data via Excel.

Role centre

FrogTime delivers a number of pre-defined roles for different levels of access. This way, users are not overloaded with information but only work with the data they really need. The following roles are pre-defined:

Team leader, project manager, project engineer, project assistance, HR, HSE, warehouse, accounting, sales, time entry, subcontractors, customer, area manager, administrator and management. Additional role definitions and adjustments of existing roles are possible at any time.

More information and pictures coming soon!

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