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Time Tracking for Kindergarten / Preschool

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Solution for Every Day Kindergarten Life
Developed with local Kindergartens
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Maintenance-free in real time and at any place

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Time Sheet with grafical data input

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Reporting for employees and management

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Kindergarten elements (activities, roles, categories)

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Working time calculator and export in payroll

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Holiday and kindergarten holiday management

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No risk, cancel at any time

Graphical Data Input Kindergarten

Learn to create time entries
in just 40s

Kindergarten employees learn FrogTime in just 10 minutes and feel immediateley comfortable!



Start with pre-defined Kindergarten Elements

Kindergarten Activities

All helpful activities, such as childcare, preparation, parent talks, etc. are already predefined and are immediately available.



Roles for management, kindergarten teachers, accounting, housekeeping and others are ready to use. Each role has been carefully designed with well matching features.


Time Categories

Categories such as care time or preparation time are already stored and can be used with a mouse click for each time entry. This makes subsequent evaluations child's play.

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Grafical data input gives perfect overview per month

Different colours for care time, preparation time or holiday creates touchable experience of your efforts!

Tailor-made Solution for Kindergartens

Developed with local Kindergartens

In very close cooperation and with a focus on the requirements of kindergarten teachers and kindergarten management we have selected and developed functions out of the FrogTime portfolio exactly for the needs of every day kindergarten life.

3 Steps to

Your Time Tracking

Get a free trial and you will get a good idea of the look-and-feel of the software.
If you decide you want to find out more, we will offer you a free-of-charge import of individual personnel data.
If you decide to order, the Test Login is converted to a real Login. Read more 

No additional

training costs

FrogTime does not require complicated individualisation and long-term training. Admins will be trained online by us for free and are able to transfer knowledge to their colleagues. Users quickly adopt the FrogTime software and feel familiar with it.

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Reports for Employees for personal use

Useful overviews to manage hours worked, activities and projects.

Kindergarten Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing


Price advantage

Pause or cancel at any time

Start and stop monthly subscrition at any time

Yearly subscritions have price a advantage

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