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FrogTime Waldorf Edition

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For a good Rhythm
in the Team
Developed with a local Waldorf Kindergarten
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People Friendly

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Grafical Data Entry

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Waldorf Categories and Roles Implemented

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Waldorf Activities Implemented

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Self-Management Function

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Holiday and Kindergarten Holiday Management

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Server in Germany

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According to current jurisprudence


Focus on the Needs of Waldorf Kindergartens

We tried to find solutions for the special needs of Waldorf kindergartens.

Below we have put together a little information about what we have taken into account for our approach.

Waldorf kindergartens have

  • more working time in the area of ​​preparation time for the children and parents (preparation of celebrations, preparation of children's birthdays, home visits, parent talks, handicrafts, etc.),

  • small administrations,

  • special working time models,

  • high standards of integrity.


  • has always stood for a people-friendly approach to timekeeping,

  • is familiar with the tasks and special features in Waldorf kindergartens,

  • has developed and tested special functions for recording working hours in close cooperation with the Waldorf kindergarten Sonnenweg in Hude/Lower Saxony.

Grafical Data Entry

Data Entry

FrogTime is the only time tracking with graphical data entry.

Instead of numerous, cumbersome, numerical time entries, information is simply entered by drawing time bars into a grid.

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Waldorf-Kindergarten Elements

Together with the Waldorf kindergarten in Hude, we found kindergarten elements for Waldorf kindergartens and introduced them in FrogTime Waldorf Edition.

Waldorf Kindergarten


FrogTime has preset activities that are used in Waldorf kindergartens. The activities were developed together with the Waldorf kindergarten in Hude.

Waldorf Kindergarten


FrogTime provides predefined roles for different organizations. Some roles have been specially adapted for work in the Waldorf kindergarten.

Waldorf Kindergarten


Special time categories can occur in the Waldorf kindergarten, e.g. construction supervision or voluntary work. These have been developed together and are available in FrogTime.

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A monthly rhythm becomes visible

The graphical data entry creates an individual picture for each person .


The example shows the individual monthly rhythm of a kindergarten teacher.

Self Management

Self-Management Function relieves the Team

You can see the self management function in the screen shot above on the right side.

See right side of the screenshot here >> 

The idea

"It would be great to have a feature that allows a team to easily control their own working hours within existing agreements.


Such a function would relieve the kindergarten management and the administration a lot.


It should be possible to set target times for everyone in advance, e.g. for care time and preparation time.


Everyone should be able to see their own current status in real time and be able to immediately recognize and control themselves if an imbalance occurs."

The solution

The self-management function is directly integrated into the time sheet.


When a new time entry is entered, the status bar for the related category changes in real time.

A status with minus hours has a blue bar, a status with plus hours has a yellow bar.

There are also time bars for agreed target hours and hours worked.


Monthly transfers of hours are considered.

The result

As a result, many advantages have emerged.


Everyone gets a good overview with the new function.


A lot of time is saved in administration during the evaluation.


Valuable insights into connections in kindergarten arise.


The new transparency leads to mutual understanding.

Repot fo Personnel

Reports for Employees for personal use

Useful overviews to be informed about hours worked, activities and projects.

This is how FrogTime could be realized

Try it for free

Try FrogTime for free to get a first impression by walking through the sample datasets.

Test accounts with real names

Implement some test accounts with real names and try out FrogTime in a small team. You can book a 45 minute admin training session (free) and we'll train you on FrogTime.

After that, you can run FrogTime experimentally with your small team.


Entry of all master data

If you then decide to continue operating FrogTime, enter all of your organization's names, including accounts to access FrogTime and target work hours per category. We support you with import functions, but also with further customization with regard to activities, categories or wage types for salary calculation (all free of charge). ​


Launch date

If you then decide to work with FrogTime, set a start date. A start date is good for team communication and for a structured implementation.

You can start your subscription from the start date.


Team training

Before the final start, you would train your team so everyone is well prepared.

An estimated 20 minutes is sufficient for each user.

Kindergarten Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing

Waldorf Edition

Select Payment Schedule
How many Users

Start and Stop at any Time

Start and stop monthly subscription at any time

Waldorf Edition M0010 ■ Monthly Subscription 10 Users

2.90 € per User / Month




Waldorf Edition M0020 ■ Monthly Subscription 20 Users

2.70 € per User / Month




Waldorf Edition M0040 ■ Monthly Subscription 40 Users

2.50 € per User / Month




Waldorf Edition Y0010 ■ Annual Subscription 10 Users

2.42 € per User / Month




Waldorf Edition Y0020 ■ Annual Subscription 20 Users

2.25 € per User / Month




Waldorf Edition Y0040 ■ Annual Subscription 40 Users

2.08 € per User / Month




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