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Salary Calculation

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Salary Calculation
for Payroll

Fully automatic calculation
of monthly or weekly
time data into wage data.

For every organization size.
For all salary concepts.

for your payroll

A powerful Package
for Human Resources.

Regardless of the wage system or working time model, FrogTime calculates working times fully automatically with a mouse click.


Working Hours Calculation


Surcharges for Saturdays / Sundays / Official Holidays / Night Work


Standby / Waiting / Travel Times




Daily Allowance Calculation


Individual Working Time Models


Suitable for different Salary Concepts

in an Organisation


Export in Payroll Software

Salary Concepts

For every
Organization size

The salary calculator can be used for all organizational sizes. It is suitable for small companies with 1 - 10 users or for large companies with 5000 users.

The FrogTime database is highly scalable and the functions are designed for processing even very large amounts of data.


For all
Salary Concepts

The payroll calculator uses the time data to calculate the accounting data for payroll accounting. Your individual wage concept is stored in FrogTime as the basis for the calculation.

The Integration of any wage types for work, standby, travel, .... or bonuses for overtime, night or weekend are possible.

For different salary concepts in parallel

FrogTime offers a very simple solution for the parallel operation of different salary concepts in an organization.


This option is very useful for organizations that have different organizational areas or branches that use different wage concepts.

In 5 steps from time data to your payroll

1/ Step
Quick Validation of Plausibility and Completeness

The time chart of a month for one person is captured at a glance. Validation takes a minute.


2/ Step
Quick Validation of Project, Hotel, Breakfast, Daily Allowance

Employees enter hotel and meal information themselves. Project information and absences are automatically taken from the time recording. With the help of the table view (below), checking the entered information is done quickly.


3/ Step
Quick Validation of Calculation for one Employee 

The hours calculated by FrogTime per wage type are easy to understand in the table below.

There is one list per month for each employee. The calculation is presented in rows per day.

4/ Step
Validation of Overall List for all Employees 

Finally, the total calculation for all employees for the entire payroll month is checked.


5/ Step
Send to Payroll Software

In the last step, the data is exported to the payroll accounting software and the payroll accounting can be carried out.


6/ Step
Employees documentation automatically available in FrogTime

The working time documentation on which payroll accounting is based is automatically available to employees. It can be downloaded by any employee after registering with FrogTime and does not have to be sent.


1 - 5000
The salary calculator is suitable for any organization size

A powerful package for Human Resources

Salary engine

Our powerful salary engine transfers time data into your individual payroll system fully automatically.

Working hours, hours of travel, night shift hours, surcharges for Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays or any other agreements are calculated with one mouse click and presented in your monthly salary matrix. The engine is extremely flexible and can adopt to whatever you require.


This makes FrogTime independent of different legal regulations in different countries and ideal for international application. Multiple payrolls can be operated at the same time in one company

Daily allowance calculator

Daily allowance management is a part of human resources.


When employees enter hotel and breakfast information on the service site, the daily allowance can be automatically calculated according to previously determined algorithms, on a daily basis. Manual adjustments are possible at any time.


The final calculation can be exported as a PDF report for individual employees or for the entire company.

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