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Tools and vehicles

Tool and vehicle tracking is a standard function of the platform. The tracking functions can be applied to e.g. cranes, excavators, cement mixers, cherry pickers or torque tools. Tracking takes place analogous to the time entry with Time-Bar-Drawing. Time bars are entered either by the tool operator or optionally by other project team members. Special logins are available for tool operators for this task. Related functions, such as daily reports and analyses are available at the touch of a button.

Tools, vehicles, subcontractors, photos


FrogTime comes with a special login for your subcontractors, allowing them to enter their activities into the system themselves. This way the documentation effort is shifted to your subcontractors and you are always up-to-date about the status and quality of the subcontractor's work. Subcontractors receive restricted access to your current project and only a few functions. With an additional login for the subcontractor's accounting department, the subcontractor is able to issue invoices based on the FrogTime data. Because both parties, you and your subcontractor, use the same database, the effort for your in-house invoice verification is significantly reduced.

Photo app

Take a picture with your smartphone, assign it to the project and work package, optionally enter internal or external comments and click on "Save". The photo is immediately available for your entire team and will never get lost.

Tools for quick photo selection, different report types in PDF are already implemented. Photos are automatically stored at optimal resolution and data size, preventing an overload of the database.

More information and pictures coming soon!

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