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Time Tracking & Project Management Software - Product Details

Time sheet and reporting

The special feature of our time entry is the way time is entered, by Time-Bar-Drawing. Instead of entering times in numerical form, users draw Gantt bars and immediately receive an overview of their activities. Overlaps and gaps simply don't happen. Even people who don't like to document things quickly take a liking to Time-Bar-Drawing and deliver documentations of high quality.

Time Sheet and Reporting


Based on our high-quality data entry via Time-Bar-Drawing, FrogTime offers various reports for each user. This includes e.g. customer reports (e.g. daily reports), payroll reports (e.g. hours worked per month), overviews of hours, which employees can view, project reports (e.g. comparison of target and actual hours, project status reports and annual reporting (e.g. on the company's productivity).


All time data are represented irrespective of their use in clearly arranged Gantt bars. This applies to all user data entry areas, project management overviews or payroll accounting overviews. All Gantt bars can be created, shifted, increased, decreased or deleted. Each Gantt bar is allocated to personnel, a project or a work package. Different bar colours represent different categories, such as e.g. work, additional costs, breaks, holidays or sick leave.


Project target/actual comparison

The success of your project is achieved if working hours are equal or below calculated hours. To monitor this process, FrogTime delivers several functions for project management and execution of work. Target hours can be assigned to previously defined work packages and any deviations immediately catch the eye in the to-the-point overviews. As a user, you always keep up-to-date with the target and actual status of your projects.

Project management


Amendments play a key role in successful projects. Amendments such as e.g. standby times or additional work are captured in the time sheet as a time bar with internal and external remarks. Amendment data are transferred into daily reports and project evaluations. The colour of the bars stands out, so that amendments are not overlooked. This ensures that you are well prepared for any discussions with your clients about amendments.


Make sure that you didn't miss any tasks in your project and use FrogTime Checklists as the ideal support! Whether you are dealing with contracts, HSE tasks or other project activities. Checklists can be applied on all levels. Checklists can be accessed by various user groups, e.g. by all project employees, contract management and/or other supporting departments. Checklist templates for different project types can be easily saved.


Personnel Department

For the personnel department, FrogTime supplies various interactive and Gantt-based overviews for working hours of own employees, freelancers or subcontractors. Smart functions for quick validation of e.g. working hours, holiday and sick leave documentation etc. are easy to access. Summarised reports based on your individual payroll system for the entire company or for individual employees are available to you at the touch of a button. Time data can be exported into your external ERP system or into Excel.

Human Resources

Salary engine

Our powerful salary engine transfers time data into your individual payroll system fully automatically.

Working hours, hours of travel, night shift hours, surcharges for Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays or any other agreements are calculated with one mouse click and presented in your monthly salary matrix. The engine is extremely flexible and can adopt to whatever you require. This makes FrogTime independent of different legal regulations in different countries and ideal for international application. Multiple payrolls can be operated at the same time in one company

Daily allowance calculator

Daily allowance management is a part of human resources. When employees enter hotel and breakfast information on the service site, the daily allowance can be automatically calculated according to previously determined algorithms, on a daily basis. Manual adjustments are possible at any time. The final calculation can be exported as a PDF report for individual employees or for the entire company.



In the operative business, health and safety plays an essential role. Legal frameworks and quality systems provide the rules for this sector. FrogTime supplies specialised reports and data about e.g. overtime, work statistics and subcontractor statistics, which are required for official audits. Using FrogTime, relevant information is quickly accessible, up-to-date and therefore optimally supports HSE in their daily work.

Health and Safety (HSE)

Accident Logbook

The accident logbook is part of HSE management. Incidents are captured in FrogTime on site and in real-time and are immediately available for HSE management. Subsequent analysis functions (incident statistics) and analyses for official audits are included in the accident logbook.

Qualification and Training

Compliance with the provisions of employee qualifications is indispensable for any service company. FrogTime supplies tools for the execution of this task. Scanned proof of qualifications can be uploaded to the platform as PDF documents. With a few clicks of the mouse, expiry dates and other relevant parameters can be assigned to employees. Building on this, users can easily create a qualification matrix for the entire company or for individual projects, download relevant certificates per project as zip. files and provide suggestions for the execution of recurring training.


Web-based technology

Our web-based platform FrogTime is state-of-the-art technology and therefore highly efficient. All you need is internet connection, a web browser, user name and password. Maintenance costs are limited to a regular fee, short-term contracts ensure maximum independence. Because the product is so easy to use, IT support is reduced to a minimum.

Web-based, real-time, world-wide

Real-time data

Thanks to its web-based technology, FrogTime delivers real-time data. This is a very valuable feature. Data are available 24/7 and always up-to-date. This makes it possible to quickly detect deviations to agreed targets and to efficiently initiate counter measures.


In addition to our web-based technology, FrogTime is independent of legal regulations in different countries and can be used anywhere in the world. This applies to e.g. regulations about Bank Holidays in different cultures, salary rules, language and interfaces to other ERP systems.


Tools and vehicles

Tool and vehicle tracking is a standard function of the platform. The tracking functions can be applied to e.g. cranes, excavators, cement mixers, cherry pickers or torque tools. Tracking takes place analogous to the time entry with Time-Bar-Drawing. Time bars are entered either by the tool operator or optionally by other project team members. Special logins are available for tool operators for this task. Related functions, such as daily reports and analyses are available at the touch of a button.

Tools, vehicles, subcontractors, photos


FrogTime comes with a special login for your subcontractors, allowing them to enter their activities into the system themselves. This way the documentation effort is shifted to your subcontractors and you are always up-to-date about the status and quality of the subcontractor's work. Subcontractors receive restricted access to your current project and only a few functions. With an additional login for the subcontractor's accounting department, the subcontractor is able to issue invoices based on the FrogTime data. Because both parties, you and your subcontractor, use the same database, the effort for your in-house invoice verification is significantly reduced.

Photo app

Take a picture with your smartphone, assign it to the project and work package, optionally enter internal or external comments and click on "Save". The photo is immediately available for your entire team and will never get lost.

Tools for quick photo selection, different report types in PDF are already implemented. Photos are automatically stored at optimal resolution and data size, preventing an overload of the database.


Business intelligence

To measure and, if necessary, improve, performance, FrogTime supplies a number of KPIs related to the working hours and projects. Some key indicators can be pre-defined and automatically displayed, e.g. the company's capacity (relation between productive and non-productive hours (holidays, sick leave, training, standby)). KPIs can be displayed by company, business unit or project. You can also define your own, new key indicators from the existing data at any point in time.

Business intelligence and interfaces


KPIs and other relevant information can be displayed on your home screen and shown every time you start FrogTime. The Cockpit can be adjusted to individual roles and logins. This way, relevant information (e.g. productivity or performance) is automatically brought to the attention of the responsible person, with regard to the entire company, a department or an ongoing project.


An interface to MS Navision is prepared. Interfaces to other systems are possible at any time. Data exchange can be organised in two directions:

  1. Projects created in MS Navision are automatically available in FrogTime,

  2. Time data created in FrogTime are automatically and regularly (adjustable) transferred to MS Navision and integrated in financial reports.

As a result, the real-time status of projects is available in MS Navision every day.



FrogTime is designed for multilingual use. Currently, two languages are fully integrated: English and German Other languages can be introduced in a cooperative process between you and us, with limited effort.

Multilingual, Excel export, role centre

Excel export

The Excel export functions with all available table data is standard in FrogTime. This allows for the individual analysis of all data via Excel.

Role centre

FrogTime delivers a number of pre-defined roles for different levels of access. This way, users are not overloaded with information but only work with the data they really need. The following roles are pre-defined:

Team leader, project manager, project engineer, project assistance, HR, HSE, warehouse, accounting, sales, time entry, subcontractors, customer, area manager, administrator and management. Additional role definitions and adjustments of existing roles are possible at any time.


It is your intention to generate EBIT. We all work alongside competitors who aim for higher efficiency. We all feel the pressure to increase our efficiency in our processes. FrogTime supports you in remaining a step ahead!

EBIT and customers


Your customers are your main concern. Therefore, it is also in our interest to increase customer satisfaction with our tools.

Organised procedures, quick access to detailed work flows, rapid response times in case of deviations and traceability of the processes using our tools will convince your customers. Our optional access to FrogTime for your customers (e.g. only to one project, with restricted information) additionally promotes closeness to the customer. Your customers feel even more part of your project.

Your basis for communication

FrogTime allows you to track work flows with your teams, to communicate about these and to find cooperative solutions for the future processing of orders. Together, you are able to develop KPIs and targets from the existing data and increase your efficiency.

You also have the option to promote communication with your customers by setting up a FrogTime Customer Login and allow a limited overview of the information (e.g. project status in case of large projects).