FrogTime for medium and large-sized enterprises

We close the market gap!

FrogTime was developed for industrial service and construction companies with more than 1000 employees. The uniqueness and strength of FrogTime is its innovative team functions. Very easy time sheet entries by Time-Bar-Drawing delivers an unprecedented perfect overview of even complex work activities in large teams.


FrogTime for large companies is an ideal addition to your existing ERP system to close the gap of innovative time tracking modules of leading ERP providers.

How to start?

The best way to start is to get a Test Login and have a look at the core functions


  • Time sheet for teams

  • Time sheet for single users

  • Reporting for customers and employees

  • Export of time data into your payroll software

  • Project overview

  • Project analysis


It will take you about one hour to get a first impression of the main functions.

In a second step, we assist you in trying out other functions such as HSE, business intelligence, interfaces, tool tracking, subcontractor management etc.

All functions are available

All FrogTime functions are included in your package. It's up to you whether and when you want to focus on additional functions.


Using the Role Centre, you have the option to show or hide features, in order to not overload users with too much information, and prevent them from being motivated to use FrogTime.


FrogTime can be installed in different departments step-by-step or at the same time. All subscription variants focus on the number of users, not the number of features used.