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Graphical data input
Graphical data input
The only time tracking with graphical data input
Precision meets comfort!

Charismatic "look-and-feel"

Instead of numerous, cumbersome, numerical time entries, with FrogTime, information is simply entered by drawing time bars into a grid (Time-Bar-Drawing).

Time bars can be created, shifted, increased, decreased or deleted and are a lot of fun to work with. Each Time Bar is assigned to either personnel, a project and/or a work package. Different colours are used for work hours, additional work, standby, breaks, holidays or sick days.

Users quickly enjoy the charismatic look-and-feel of FrogTime.

Charismatic Look-and-Feel
High level of acceptance

High level of acceptance

With its Time-Bar-Drawing, FrogTime creates highly motivated users. Easy data input and informative overviews combined with little effort leaves an immediate impression.

Compared to other technologies, FrogTime achieves high standards of documentation without putting too much pressure on users. With FrogTime you will experience how even "people who are tardy with their documentation", suddenly deliver high-quality reports.

Highly-motivated users are a key factor for reliable data input with high standards of documentation.

Perfect Overview
Time Tracking

Perfect overviews

The outcome of the Time-Bar-Drawings are coloured Gantt bar diagrams with a fascinating overview. The overview is maintained across the entire work process even for large teams with complex activities and multiple time entries.

The bar diagrams are ideal for cross-checks from any department: For the actual teams, project management, for customers, personnel management and the invoicing department.


The moment you realise for the first time how complex content is transferred into simple overviews, is a magical experience.



Simple and precise

Time-Bar-Drawing is straight forward, users draw one bar after the other. Overlaps and gaps simply don't happen or are instantly detected. This makes Time-Bar-Drawing extremely simple and the resulting database is very precise.

Precision leads to very reliable and resilient subsequent analyses, which the departments can rely on.


The combination of easy-going, precision and overview is unique on the market.

Simpe and Precise

Users keep data in real-time up-to-date

FrogTime delivers real-time results due to its web-based technology.

Moreover, because users love the charismatic look-and-feel of FrogTime and are keen to keep it up-to-date.

Whenever you open FrogTime, you will experience how users like to enter time data promptly and you can see the work status of your projects.


Reduced training costs

Users learn Time-Bar-Drawing effortlessly because they immediately feel comfortable with the easy-to-use technology.


Users learn the FrogTime software very quickly and initial training costs are reduced to a minimum.



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