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Small & Medium M0010 ■ Monthly Subscription 10 Users



Monthly Subscription Fee for max. 10 Users.

The following functions are available:


For Employees:


  • Time Tracking with Graphical Data Input (Time bar drawing),
  • Team Time Tracking,
  • Allocation of time data to individual categories / projects,
  • Tracking of travel information (Hotel, Absence) ,
  • Predefined activities,
  • Self-Management-Function to manage working time,
  • Employees Reporting for Personnel Use.


For Human Resources Office:


  • Monthly evaluation of time data for payroll by working Time Calculator (Salary Engine) considering working hours, surcharges, waiting times, standby times or individual categories according to your salary system,
  • Daily allowance management and calculation,
  • Export of working time calculation in your payroll software,
  • Human resources reporting and analyzing functions,
  • Management of holiday, overtime, and individual categories.


For Project Management:


  • Project Management "Standard", "Plus", "Advanced" and "Professional"
  • Project reporting and overviews,
  • Contract claim management / Additional work management,
  • Multi project evaluation.


For Health & Safety Management:


  • Trainings & Qualification management
  • Qualification matrix
  • HSE Reporting for occupational health and safety meeting
  • Statistics for  occupational health and safety meeting


For Management and Administration:


  • Report generator with fast access to data base,
  • Cockpit to publish personalized reports,
  • Excel exports of all data,
  • Role center (predefined roles for team leader, HR, PM, Managament, administrators, etc.),
  • Maximum usable storage capacity: 1 GB,
  • Maximum number of users logged in at the same time: 5


For Documentation:


  • Photo-App,
  • Tool & Vehicle Tracking,
  • Weather Tracking.


Small & Medium M0010 ■ Monthly Subscription 10 Users

Price Options
Small & Medium M10
€60.00every month until canceled
  • The following services are included:


    • Initial implementation of your logo,
    • Initial import of your employees list into FrogTime ,
    • Initial implementation of your first salary system,
    • Free support by email or telephone for administrators.
  • You can easily cancel or pause your subscription at any time by email or online with one month notice period.


    There are no cancellation fees.

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